Walmart's Impact On American Culture

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Today we live in a confusing era. We live in a time when society is exploring new and untouched frontiers. Of course that is what discovery is. Ever since humans were around we thrived to discover and try new things. We discovered fire as cavemen. We congregated into tribes and fought for our safety and beliefs. Those tribes turned into complex civilizations, and soon castle walls were elevated to protect. We fought for the kings and queens of these castles to protect our territory. Our species made it through the dark ages discovering complex weapons and many new forms of craftsmanship. We then stepped into the modern era. The countries we know today began to emerge, and many astonishing discoveries have been made over the last few centuries.…show more content…
When a superstore is built it puts many competitors out of business. When these competitors close all the people that worked their loose their jobs. Now when it comes time to find a new job there are less of them. There are less businesses to have jobs open. Kathleen Geier has studied this effect Walmart has. She says, “Using data from over 3,000 counties, their results show that when a Walmart store opens, it kills an average 150 retail jobs at the county level, with each Walmart worker replacing about 1.4 retail workers.” However there are some people that feel Walmart can help the unemployed. In Christopher Matthews is a believer that Walmart can have positive effects on employment. However even Matthews does not deny that superstores cannot be looked to for a source of jobs. He says, “In reality, these examples simply show that one can’t realistically expect corporations to behave in a way that is counter productive to making…show more content…
Many campaigns are hosted to try and persuade people into spending their money at smaller stores. Smaller stores that would feed the economy and provide jobs for population. Most people cannot see the harmful effects superstores have. Thankfully, there are a few people that can see the effects, and some of these people are trying to combat it. One popular example of a sort of campaign against the monopolization of massive corporations is in one of Disney and Pixar’s more popular movies Wall-e. The film takes place in the future in which we(humans) destroy Earth and have to leave. The desecrated Earth was shown to be monopolized by a company named “Buy n Large”. On this Earth there is trash with the company logo on it scattered everywhere. There are broken “Buy n Large” company robots parked and crashed everywhere. These logo placements lead you to believe that this massive corporation had something to do with the devastated Earth. In the film humans then spend the next few hundred years floating through space on a city sized space ship. However life on this space ship is a little bit off. Everything humans can buy, eat, drink, or use is also produced buy “Buy n Large”. Even on this alter home signs of the companies destruction is evident. All the humans are so fat they cannot walk because they are carted around by “Buy n Large” transport cars that can deliver “Buy n

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