Comparing Wonder Wowen And Wonder Women

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How much longer will we wrestle for power over others before we learn we need each other. Women need men, and companies need blue-collar workers, and nations need Industries. The shortcomings in our society, are a sad reality of the downfall of the world's most power nation, America. In “Rich Are Getting Richer, and the Poor, poorer” along with “Wonder Women”, we see a marvelous example of these shortcomings. “Rich Are Getting Richer,”, discussed the fall of American companies and “Wonder Wowen”, exhorts the power of women's independence. In this essay I hope to show you that the fall of the American Companies and the power of women's independence both are the devistating consequenses of a deliberate choice, to succeed. You see, the…show more content…
Wonder Woman grew up not needing or knowing any man to take care of her. She can and will do anything that needs to be done. Who cares if our society labels it as a man's or women's job? To Wonder Women that was irrelivent. This is the drive towards independence and possible the mastery of your own unique person. But is it really? Society has taught “little girls, it is important to suppress a crucial part of yourselves, your dreams,desires and talents, and believe that helping with minor tasks, appricate the accomplishements of others and wait to be rescued”,(Gloria 250?) is the role of a women's life. Is total submission of your powers, to men as the dominent gender who can rescue you, really best? Maybe you have heard, the goal is peace, so if you submit to your husband's demands and care for your children, there will be peace. What is this power we are talking about? Is it really a physical job position or is it something more. Even Wonder Women had to learn the power of her lasso, and then developing the skill to accureltely throw it. Gloria was showing others how they can help themselves by taking deliberate control of their lives, rather than leaving it up to chance, or slowly die inside. These accomplishments and overcoming the social stigma is the beginning of building self-worth and self…show more content…
In Rich Are Getting Richer, the wealthy corporations leaders seemed to live by “you must prepare to be wealthy. It doesn't just happen!” attitude (Rhonda 219). Socialism does not work because , “The government cannot give to anybody anthing that the government doesn't first take from somebody else” ( Mitchel). Corporation's experienced, unions fighting for higher wages for those who were not willing to do the hard work, and the productivity of even the good workers decline. Thus, were the consiquesnces of “What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without recieving” (Mitche). Leaders will work, even if money were no object. It's not about the women having the power of money, but the ability to use her talents and stand for her value in this world. Riseing above the rejections of your peers, society, family and quit being vulneralbe takes a lot of strength. Each person is unique, and has a choice to stand up for their own self-identity as an individual. Never, ever compromise yourself, because if you do you lose, and they win by destroying the person you would have

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