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ENTREPRENEUR BIOGRAPHY - TORY BURCH Idea, Service, or Product Tory Burch is the head of a fashion company named after herself. This lifestyle brand features collections that include items such as ready-to-wear pieces, watches, purses, accessories, and shoes, and is known for its bright colors and patterns. The company launched in 2004 as a small boutique, and as a website, which further spread to Europe and Asia due to the company’s technological innovation. Since the company has a wide range of business, it has partnered up with companies such as Luxottica for eyewear, Estée Lauder for beauty, and Fossil for watches. The Tory Burch brand has been awarded with several different awards from the fashion industry, one of which is the Accessory…show more content…
Growing up, Tory was always a tomboy at heart, which reflected in her style. Her style of half preppy and half jock, or “prock” as some people would call it, eventually became “Torywear”. She later attended the University of Pennsylvania for Art History, but she never used her major in her jobs. She went to work for several major fashion labels such as Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang, but she never began designing until she launched her company. Throughout her career, Burch’s parents supported her with a comfortable lifestyle and financial security. Their status allowed them to have connections with others, granting her more opportunities. Tory Burch also gained inspiration from her parents, due to her mother’s taste for designer clothing and her father’s eye for detail. In 1996, she married Chris Burch and later had six children. It became increasingly difficult for her to work and be a mom at the same time, so she quit her current job to care for her children. During this period is when her passion for designing grew, since she would create scrapbooks of ideas at home, which she would later use to design for her own…show more content…
The first award that she received was the Rising Star Award from the Fashion Group International. This award signified her increasing presence in the fashion and her rapid rise to fame. Later on, in 2007, she received an award for Accessory Brand of the Year from the Accessories Council of Excellence. Her bright and bold accessories became a prominent part of her designs, along with her tunics. In 2008, Tory was awarded Accessory Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers in America. A year after this, she decided to create the Tory Burch Foundation, which provides business loans to small, women-owned companies, as well as providing education on entrepreneurship to women. Along with this, she is a board member of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer

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