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About 4 million years ago, paleontologist first discovered zebra fossils. There was some controversy regarding which fossil was discovered first between a horse or a bona-fide zebra. Now paleontologists have come to the conclusion that zebras were the second species to evolve from horses. The first fossil they found is now named the Grevy zebra, which is still existent today. The zebra went through a lot of changes before it got to the place it is now. A popular common ancestor is the dawn horse. It lived during the Eocene era about 50- 55 million years ago. Its first appearance was in North America and was about the size of a house cat. It was a mesophippus which is a beginning development of a horse. The mesophippus then evolved into a dinohippus which changed their diets more into grazers; and their leg muscles…show more content…
The zebra is mule-like and has features like the mule. Its predators are lions, hyenas, crocodiles, cheetahs, leopards, and wild dogs. To tell the difference from other people grevy zebras has narrower stripes. They have the adaptation to live on their own and not rely on other zebras; which explains why they don’t have any social bonds with each other. These zebras can also go 5 days without a single drop of water. The Grevy’s zebra is also on the endangered animal list and you can donate money to help programs assist keeping them alive. The equus zebras lives in Angola, Namibia, and South Africa. This includes the mountain zebra species such as Cape Mountain and Hartmann’s mountain zebras. These zebras aren’t as strong as the grevy zebra, but they can live only 3 days without water. In the summer they live on the mountains and hilly areas, but they do migrate during the winter time. They live in small family groups and have to watch out for predators such as lions, hyenas, crocodiles, cheetas, leopards, and wild dogs just like all the other zebra

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