Sandalwood Short Story

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Our Story: The grizzly adventure began with four close friends from Colorado. As they grew up together, so did their intense rivalry with each other. Boisterous fun was soon overtaken by sheer determination to out-man each other. Even after undeniably reaching manhood, the embers of male rivalry were still burning between these working men. For inspiration, they looked back to their ancestors, mighty leaders, and even badass biker gangs. Recognizing the strength of facial hair dominance, man-mane would be the final measure of manliness. This arduous journey to full-bearded glory tested their strength of will to the limit. But like the unbreakable Spartans they were, none of them would let this challenge defeat them. The magnitude of…show more content…
Better yet, the scent is remarkably similar to pheromones in that it drives the ladies wild! We must warn you, the strong masculine essence of Sandalwood will have you itching to axe down the closest tree! Frankincense The Three Wise Men recognized that Jesus was destined to become a man of great significance. Just as Frankincense gifted to him by one of these kings, bestow this aromatic resin upon yourself for a godly beard! Frankincense possesses a rare scent, dark mix of balsamic-spicy, with conifer undertones and a hint of lemon. This mysterious fragrance even holds powerful therapeutic qualities for relaxation and stress relief. Bestow this Frankincense scented beard oil upon your man-mane. With this mysterious aura of great magnitude; others will unknowingly gravitate towards you for leadership. Bay Rum With this tickle of tropical spice, even the most ocean-worn sailors, and scurvy pirates could be spruced up and smell like a gentleman. Bay Rum is legendary concoction using bay leaves, spices, berries and Jamaican rum. Using these tropical ingredients from the West Indies, the resulting fragrance is a perfect harmony of wood, spice, and sweetness. Bay rum oozes masculine charm with a twist of Caribbean
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