How I Met My Husband Analysis

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Name Tutor Course Date How I met my husband by Alice Munro The short story by Munro presents a teenage girl who goes through much agony before finding true love. The writer uses a first person narrator. A naïve young girl, Edie, brings out her story from a perspective of innocence although she uses a mature sense in some parts. Story centers on the teenage house girl’s life while bringing out the theme of love and the treacherous process she went through to find love. Her employers seem like caring people who trusts her and treats her well. On the contrary, the writer presents Chris Watters as a scum who cannot keep his promises. While the teenager may think she has found love, fate brings her true love. Edie comes from a humble…show more content…
When reading one can get an impression that Chris is the husband that the title of the story suggests. This notion disappears as the story progresses and the Edie’s naivety about love and men is evident as she waits for the letter for a very long time. He tells her “I’m going to write you a letter. I’ll tell you where I am and maybe you can come and see me.” (Munro 142) and then disappears without keeping his promise. The plot thickens with the arrival of Chris’ fiancée. Her arrival tries to stress Mr. Watters’ untrustworthy nature since he could not even love and care for her fiancée and deserted her. This provides evidence that the love that Edie sees in Chris would never materialize and she was wasting her time. Chris tells her fiancée that she was going to waste a lot of gas indicating he will always desert her and she will have to follow him (Munro 140). The fact that she waits for Chris’ letter and she is always enthusiastic to see the mail carrier shows her love for him. The girl’s naivety had convinced her that Chris was a loving man no matter how much evidence of the contrary being true surfaced. Her mature perspective comes to fore when she realizes that the letter may never come. She says that it came to her that there are many women waiting for a letter that may not come and she might wait until she is old and greys (Munro
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