American Literary Summary: The American History Of American Literature

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INTRODUCTION AMERICAN LITERATURE American literature is the literature written or produced in the area of the United States and its preceding colonies. During its early history America was a series of British colonies on the eastern coast of the present day United States. Therefore it is literary tradition of English literature. However, unique American characteristics and the breadth of its production usually now cause it to be considered a separate path and tradition. The New England colonies were the center of early American literature. The Revolutionary Period contained political writing by Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine. In the post war period, Thomas Jefferson’s United States Declaration of Independence solidified his status as a key American writer. It was in the late 18th and 19th…show more content…
London was a popular naturalist which his fiction combined high adventure, socialism, mysticism, Darwinian Determinism, and Nietzsche the theories of race. Of fifty books published during his brief career The Call of the Wild is the most famous and widely read. London’s fiction particularly The Call of the Wild, The Iron Heel, The Sea Wolf, and short stories “Love of Life,” “To Build a Fire,” and “Baard” are considered Classics in American Literature. London was born in January 12 (1876) at San Francisco to Flora Wellman, abandoned by her common-law husband one year. Nine month after the child’s birth, Wellman married John London for whom the infant was named. The family moved often living on farms. They attempted several unsuccessful business schemes at the insistence of London’s mother a proud, erratic, unstable women whose actions went unchecked by her gentle but ineffective husband. London’s mother inspired in him a pride of race and the will to succeed, but for affection he had to turn to his step-father and

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