The Narrator's Attitude Toward War In The Things They Carried

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1.What are the various meanings of "Things" in the title? After reading the short story in “ The things they carried”, there were several entities that meant something towards the things they carried throughout the war. One of the explanations of the meaning “Things” in the story represented the various items that were carried in their backpacks during the course of each mission that the soldiers had to face. Whether they needed the items or not, they still carried it with them. Some of the object that were carried had sentimental meaning and others were objects that are needed for war. 2.What is the narrator's attitude toward war? Does his attitude differ from the attitudes of the soldiers he is describing? According to the reading, the narrator's attitude toward war were detailed events and the different emotions were soldiers had to deal with death.…show more content…
How effective do you find the cataloging of the things as a way to tell this story? Explain. This story is very effective because it gives the reader an idea what the characters in the book went through during war. No matter what type of mission they were in, they still had to gather themselves, mentally, emotionally and physically to perform their duties as soldiers. "The Man To Send Rain Clouds" (Leslie Marmon Silko) 1. Why do Leon and Ken not tell Father Paul that Teofilo is dead? Why do they later ask Father Paul to bring holy water to the funeral? The reason why Leon and Ken did not tell Father Paul that Teofilo was dead because they knew that Father Paul would of approached them into having a traditional Catholic ceremony and not a Native American Ceremony. Also, the reason why they ask Father Paul to bring holy water to the funeral is so that Teofilo won’t feel thirsty, which was part of their Native tradition. 2. Two rituals associated with death--the Native American and the Roman Catholic--seem to conflict. Why does Teofilo's family seek the priest's help? Why does Father Paul agree to help
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