Sabarimala Temple

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Geographical Uniqueness of Sabarimala Review of the topography reveals that almost 75percent of the land available at Sannidhanam which is at an altitude of more than 900m (above MSL) has differential sloping characteristics. The temple is situated at a height of about + 914 m. above the sea level in the dense forest, forming a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is located in Perinadu village of Ranni taluk in Pathanamthitta Ditrict of Kerala. The Pampa River serenely flows by the foot of the hill about 4 Km. below the Holy Temple. Motor vehicles are allowed only up to Pampa and there after the devotees have to climb the 4 km. long steep stretch to reach the temple. Therefore, Pampa has become a base station for the pilgrimage. The pilgrims…show more content…
Other points are rejected since Nilakkal which is in the same route and more close to Sabarimala is selected as the base camp due to availability of land. The basecamps selected are similar as those got selected in SMP. So the selection of base camps in SMP is found to be the most accurate.…show more content…
The ritualistic, ecological and geographical uniqueness of Sabarimala creates many difficulties or issues to the pilgrims. In order to solve these issues by making all the facilities available to the pilgrim and at the same time keeping the environmental and spiritual balance of the place can be made possible only through the solution of development of basecamps. The unique features of Sabarimala emphasizes need for base camps. Also basecamps are necessary for protecting the temple and forest from the uncontrolled growth to a concrete jungle. Base camps are necessary to cater the needs of pilgrims due to the unique features of Sabarimala. All the issues emerging due to the ritualistic, geographical and ecological uniqueness of Sabarimala can be effectively solved through development of base camps and decentralization of facilities. The three places such as Nilakkal, Erumeli and Vandiperiyar selected in Sabarimala master plan for developing as basecamps are found to be most accurate according to the criteria adopted in the

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