Advertising In The Perfume Industry

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Research Background According to statistics, the annual global perfume sales revenue exceeded $28.95 billion in 2014 (Dion & Arnold, 2011). The Global Industry Analysts Inc. released a report on the fragrance and perfume industry, predicting that it would be worth $45.6 billion by 2018 (GIA, 2015). Also, numbers show that more than 90% of women wear perfume in order to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, or present themselves as trendsetters (GIA, 2015). Perfume is like a reflection of a personality (Vasudevan, 2015). It is associated with the pursuit of pleasure, the love of freedom, and other cultural values (Keller & Richie, 2006). In perfume advertisements, which are the latest and the most successful trend in the perfume…show more content…
By reflecting the viewers’ anxieties or making people long to become a certain type of a person, these tactics have proved to be highly successful. The ads during different periods in the history of perfume have been designed to fit the one segment of population – women (Vasudevan, 2015). Perfume was positioned as a product to help them with the transformation from housewife to a desired partner. According to statistics, today the market penetration for female fragrances is 90% in France and 84% in the United States. The shift of perfume from a luxury product to the daily product can be clearly observed (GIA,…show more content…
Brand names, logos, and different designs are created that not only tap into the unconscious desires and urges of the human psyche. Also, they are used as idea generation tasks, which might be a better way to promote creativity (Pang, 2015). This relatively new strategy – strategic storytelling – emphasizes feelings and emotions based on creativity (Thompson, 2004). The main point is about making a “personal connection” through the uniqueness of the brand’s culture and imagery. The brands usually end up creating strong brand personalities, portrayed by celebrities. The most important thing about how this strategy works is to understand that it creates a special meaning for the brand by creative divergent thinking (Ferna´ndez-Abascal & Martı´n Dı´az, 2013). The ability necessary for brands to build strong, enduring, brands and sell their products over the course of generations is based on the capability of a brand to tell a story, which is then be blended with a compelling message that represents a mytho-symbolic world with a powerful emotional appeal to the audiences (Mick, 1986; Randazzo,

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