Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Signal Processing

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Firstly I will explain what is signal ,signal processing ,analogue viruses digital signal types of signal processing their advantages and disadvantages and their comparison .I-e which one is better …….why analog signal processing (ASP) is replaced with digital signal processing (DSP). What is Signal??? Any physical quantity that varies with time or any other independent variable is called signal. What is signal processing??? Signal processing is concerned with the improvement of quality of a signal that is under observation. Its particular aim is to reduce noise that will not reduce by the careful design of measurement signal processing we basically apply some algorithm on analogues and digital signal to make them higher quality…show more content…
This technique first convert analogues signal into digital signal then apply signal processing algorithms on it. Digital signal processing (DSP) help to reduce noise and distortion from original signal. WHY digital??? Digital signal processing and analog signal processing (ASP) are basically subfields of signal processing’s that is used to modify a digital representation of a signal Digital transition offers data processing options and flexibilities that are not available with analog system. Digital system communication are becoming increasingly attractive in data communication. Digital system is often treated as satellite communication links as well as mobile radio system in which case signal transmission is suffer in fading phenomena. The main feature of digital communication system is, during the finite interval of time, it sends a waveform having finite set of possible values as compare to analog communication system which sends a waveform from infinite variety of waveform with infinite resolution. In a DCS the main objective is not to reproduce the transmitted waveform with precision at receiver side; instead the objective is to determine noise-perturbed signal from finite set of waveforms that was send by the…show more content…
Its implementation is very easy but its difficulty in calibration and maintains increases as the order of filter can easily design and modify a filter using digital signal processing (DSP).Filter function in digital signal processing (DSP) is software based, flexible and repeatable. In digital signal processing (DSP) filter with higher order only require software modification .whereas in analogue circuit we need additionally hardware implementation also. In short digital signal processing (DSP) is defined as the converting the continuously changing waveform (analog) into a series of discrete levels

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