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One of our competitors is the Benings mushroom, which is a mushroom growing firm that also grows mushrooms and harvests them, and sells it to various markets. Benings mushroom considerably has bigger operations than us. They also offer two of the varieties that we offer, which are shiitake mushroom and oyster mushrooms. Our firm actually offers more varieties as we also offer black mushrooms, or also known as tengang daga. Our revenue streams are also considerably wider as we also sell mushroom fruit bags, and mushroom culture to other mushroom growers. However, their firm seems to be more experienced than us as they’ve been part of the industry for a longer time than we have. Baguio Mushroom Strengths Weakness Product More varieties of products…show more content…
Can’t be approached easily by interested buyers. Place Cool temperature can plant mushrooms that can’t be planted in other parts of the Philippines. Isolated from all the other big markets in the Philippines due to its location. Traveling expense might cost more. We have another competitor in Baguio, which is also a mushroom growing company. The interviewee doesn’t give the exact name of the firm. Since the place of their production is in Baguio, certain mushrooms that can only survive cool weather systems can be grown there. Therefore, they offer more variety of mushrooms harvesting. However, they don’t sell mushroom fruit bags and mushroom culture. Also, their network of buyers is considerably larger as they’ve been in the industry for a longer period of time, and they have mushroom varieties that have high demand in the other parts of the Philippines. Pangasinan Vegetable Dealer Strengths Weakness Product They know the public markets of different provinces from all over Luzon. They don’t sell mushroom fruit bags and mushroom culture. They are also not focused on mushrooms. Price Price varies with different products, and different market factors. Price must be kept to what market dictates them to…show more content…
There are many Korean, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants located in the said location. The expected demand for the mushrooms in restaurants and supermarkets as stated above are increasing. In the year 2016 the number of restaurants in Angeles and some part of San Fernando is 179. In the year 2017 it went up to 185 in total number. In 2018 the total number of restaurants is 190. And in 2019 the total number of restaurant including supermarkets is 193. Our main target market are the restaurants that uses more mushrooms specifically shitake, oysters, and black fungus because these are the types of mushrooms that we will

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