The Pros And Cons Of Animal Assisted Therapy

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I believe that adolescents with depression or anxiety would greatly benefit from animal assisted therapy. Many teenagers that have depression lack feeling of trust, and it is really hard for them to find companionship in people. According to Dr. Jeff Nalin, "Animal Assisted Therapy can help teens to feel less stressed, decrease anxiety, become more cooperative and open, gain confidence, and improve interaction with others" (Nalin). Teenagers battling depressing will often rely on abused substances or other harmful methods of which they think "help" their problems. Although some people believe sending depressed teenagers to see a counselor may be the best form of suicide prevention, I argue that animal assisted therapy is more effective, due…show more content…
According to an article by ESADoctors, "The simple act of walking the dog offers purpose, socialization and takes the pressure off the pet owner to start up dialogue, since the dog is the focus of attention with all its cuteness"(How). Typically, depression results in social isolation, just by walking an animal, interactions with people throughout the community are promoted, but conversation is made simple. According to an article by Raychelle C Lohmann, "Studies have shown that youth who are attached to a pet tend to function better emotionally in comparison to peers who don't own a pet" (Lohmann). Teenagers who are depressed are not emotionally stable, and they can often develop anxiety. But, pets tend to change this by making young people more emotionally balanced. Using animal assisted therapy as a form of treatment, or owning a personal pet could both promote social interactions that would typically be avoided by teenagers who are suffering from depression and thinking about taking their own

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