Responsibility In An Inspector Calls

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JB Priestley presents the theme of responsibility in “An Inspector Calls” in several ways. In this essay I will talk about how JB Priestley presents the theme of responsibility and how each character feels about them being responsible for Eva’s death, I will provide pure evidence to prove my point using quotes directly from the book. I will also talk about Mr. Birling speech and Inspector Goole’s speech and I will analyze them and give my opinion about the speeches. At the beginning of the play Mr. Birling was acting and speaking as if he knew everything and he didn’t do any mistakes or basically he is acting really wisely. However, the second the inspector showed up in the play and started accusing everyone in the house for being responsible…show more content…
Birling. Sometime recently Mrs. Birling the Inspector had been conversing with every individual arranged by when they met Eva. Nevertheless, Mrs. Birling was in truth the last individual to have seen Eva and was the one that had given Eva the last push by denying her any assistance from the general public that she helped run. The reason for this because Eva used the name Birling which made Mrs. Birling cast judgment over Eva. Mrs. Birling digs herself and her son into a gap as she says, obscure to her she was portraying her child as he was the father of…show more content…
On depicting his night with her he stated, 'I didn't significantly recall it that is the repulsive thing'. Eric additionally confesses to taking cash from his dad's office keeping in mind the end goal to help Eva. Be that as it may, he was exceptionally honest and conceded straight away that, 'I got it from the office'. Eric shows regret and even stated: 'I'm not liable to forget'. In any case, he doesn't assume the fault for Eva's demise rather he faults Mrs. Birling saying to her, 'At that point - you murdered her'. Eric is the main character that blames someone else in the room. It is difficult to know whether he does genuinely point the finger at Mrs. Birling or whether he is attempting to redirect the accuse far from

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