Big City Lifestyle Essay

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One day, you step outside of your home; immediately drenched in the sights and sounds of the hustle and bustle of cars, neighbors, and your community. The smell of freshly-grilled hot dogs and kettle corn fill your nostrils, reminding you that this community is your own; it's home. You begin a light jog to the gym on the adjacent block, sunlight and the laughter of residential children brightening your day all the while. This can only be found in a big city. Given that it is a prime location for access to resources; diversity and culture; as well as an attractive quality of life, sentience in a big city is ideal. The first benefit of a big city lifestyle, is the available access to detrimental resources. This encompasses the brick-and-mortar…show more content…
There is such a plenteous scale of foreign people and languages, that the same essence in a small town is virtually unheard of. Expansive and unique, the vibrant artistic culture in most cities allows individuals to, for instance, spend an afternoon at one of many idiosyncratic locales, or meet a colleague over coffee at a neighborhood cafe. Moreover, cities are filled to the brim with culture and heritage. After all, with such large populations, one might say that city culture is better, stronger, and deeper, than that of a small town. In fact, some of the most prominent "cultural hotbeds", according to an article by Ottsworld Unique Travel Experiences, are New York City's Chinatown, and Austin, Texas' 6th Street. Why? Both locales are encompassed by big city life, and leave visitors and residents with a strong exposure to the culture of people from various heritages. It is no surprise that there is an abundance of unparalleled diversity and culture in a city built on the aspirations of those from all around the world. To witness the living embodiment of the American Dream, just take a walk in a spot filled with towering skyscrapers and deeply-rooted

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