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A lot of people have Stockholm Syndrome in the world. For example, according to The Daily Mail, there is Ms Kampusch, who escaped from Priklopil's house in 2006. She was widely believed to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome after repeatedly sympathizing with her captor. 'I feel more and more sorry for him - he's a poor soul,' she told a documentary, and after he threw himself in front of a train she said, 'I mourn for him in a certain way.' Having this type of disease is quite shocking to some people. In this report, several aspects will be covered that involve in Stockholm Syndrome, and they are the definition, causes, symptoms, effects, and solutions to the matter. According to, Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition in which hostages sympathize with their captors. It is described as…show more content…
Symptoms include; victim having positive feelings towards the captor, in contrast having negative feelings towards family and friend and the society. Which means that there is conflict between the victims and his or her external environment. The victim would then be supporting the abuser, while the abuser has positive feelings towards him/her. These symptoms lead into bigger effects. The victim could detach from his/her pain and terror and start seeing the situation from the captor’s perspective. They starts to agree with the abuser and aspects of the victim’s personality and personal views will fade away. Later on, the victim begins to please the abuser which may keep him or her safe from getting hurt. After a while, the victim starts to realize that the abuser has the same human characteristics like everyone else, some abusers could even share personal information in order to have an emotional bond between them. This bonding will lead to contradicting feelings and irrational concern for the captor, the victim could also ignore his or her needs. However, there are ways to conquer this

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