Theme Of Responsibility In An Inspector Calls

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“An Inspector Calls” was written by J.B Priestley after the Second World War, It is set in the spring of 1912 at the Brumley home of the Birlings, a prosperous industrial family in the North Midlands. This play circles around responsibility, showing us, the audiences that each character in the play has a part of responsibility for Eva Smith’s death, everyone of them is responsible, except for the Inspector of course. Priestly uses the Inspector as a symbol of Social Responsibility, Inspector is the character that knows everything and sees whats going to happen, but still questions these other characters, leading to two actually learning the meaning of responsibility and the other 3 that have no clue. Although one of the Characters named Gerald, shows the side that he starts to learn and thinks the good way, then changes afterwards into not learning anything. Everybody…show more content…
Arthur Birling (Mr. Birling), Sybil Birling (Mrs. Birling), Sheila Birling, Eric Birling, Gerald Croft, Inspector Goole and Eva Smith. At the beginning of the play Mr. Birling gives his view of responsibility in a long speech to Eric and Gerald. Mr. Birling says: “If we were all responsible for everything that happened to everybody we’d had anything to do with, it would be very awkward wouldn’t it?” Mr. Birling's definition of responsibility is immediately followed by the arrival of the Inspector. The Inspector introduced himself and told everybody there was a girl and she just died 2 hours ago due to drinking disinfectant, burning her insides out. He said it was a Suicide, so asked everyone questions about the girl, Eva Smith and got all the answers out of them, some still thinking. The Inspector gives his very wide explanation of responsibility immediately before he disappears. Priestly deliberately chooses the Birling family who are in the upper class and predjudiced to express his beliefs on capatalism - which he is strictly

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