An Inspector Calls Feminist Analysis

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There are two social groups that are set in Inspector Calls and they are socialism and capitalism. Socialists are the lower class who care about everyone else and want everything to be the fair, however, Capitalists are the upper class who are rich and want to get richer. Since both the Birling’s and the Croft’s were in the upper class, they were in the capitalists. I know this because Mr Birling said “Now you have brought us together, and perhaps we may look forward to a time when Croft’s and Birling’s are no longer competing but are working together – for lower costs and higher prices.” This quote does not just show what class they were in but also how selfish all Capitalists thought daily. This shows us the Capitalists were selfish and only care about themselves. At the time Inspector Calls was set women were treated as second class citizens who was less important than men. The role of a woman is to cook, clean and do things around the house. The idea that women were not as important as men was carried out so much that even women thought that of themselves. I know this because Mrs Birling said “Now Sheila doesn’t tease him. When you're married you'll realise that men with important work to do sometimes have to…show more content…
Throughout the play we realise that they all took part in sharing the blame, but only some took responsibility for Eva’s death. As for Gerald he did not take any responsibility because he thinks he had nothing to do with it. In fact, Gerald thinks he helped Eva by keeping her at his friend’s house so he could amuse himself until he decided he no longer cared for the relationship. I know this because Gerald said “She gave me nothing less than a cry for help.” This shows that Gerald thought that he was innocent but actually morally he really wasn’t. Priestley did this to show that even the upper class did not take responsibility for what they

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