Emergency Operation Center Case Study

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4. EMERGENCY OPERATION CENTER (EOC) A dedicated Emergency Operation center (EOC) is established and being maintained at SVK Head Office, Toronto. This facility, sometimes referred as situation room, is equipped with the advanced technological tools and equipment’s that comes in very handy during emergency situation. The facility is built within the headquarters and is designed as shown in below image. 5. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILTY OF THE EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS 5.1. EOC Team This team stays at the airlines headquarters in the Emergency Operation Centre to provide support to all the teams to assist them carry out their tasks. They are the key team and serves as the central command for the overall coordination of external and internal information,…show more content…
Station Team This team, located at the station, is responsible to coordinate with the EOC team and perform specific tasks related to uninjured passengers, relatives and other family assistance matters; including transportation, boarding and food. Also, providing full support to Field Team is one of the important duty of station team. 5.4. Family Assistance Team Family Assistance Team manage with the queries from public, survivors and their families/friends. This team works in coordination with the Emergency Response Team to develop an official passenger manifests and deals with the notification to Next of Kin or immediate family member. 6. EMERGENCY RESPONSE MANUAL (ERM) The Emergency Response Manual (ERM) describes how the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) will be carried out and enables the user to respond immediately with regards to aircraft accident/incident. The manual provides guidance on how to effectively manage the wellbeing of the crew, passengers and families during an emergency event. The objective of the Emergency Response Manual (ERM) is to: a) Introduce the Emergency Response Team Members to the company. b) Emergency Response Plan (ERP). c) Enable Emergency Team Members to react effectively to an

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