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Tooth decay is already one of the most common oral health diseases among students, worldwide, often perceived as ‘normal’, and is socially accepted and usually neglected. Tooth decay, also known as a cavity or cavities in the teeth, occurs when a person eats sugary food, has poor oral hygiene practices, and improper nutrition (Reynolds, 2013). These practices help the bacteria living in the mouth to create acid that begins to eat away the teeth. Untreated tooth decay or cavities may cause infection that may lead to the loss of tooth. Oral health education is crucial in controlling such diseases. Having tooth decay affects people not only physically but psychologically. Because humans are highly regarded as social beings, oral health plays…show more content…
The study will not tackle other topics that are not related to tooth decay and the arrangement of this study will be in order from defining how tooth decay affects the dentistry students, the ways on how the dentistry students handled it, and how their social interactions developed after overcoming tooth decay. Four (4) dentistry students, taking first (1st) to second (2nd) year dentistry proper, were chosen within vicinity of the University of The East and used as respondents of the study. The researcher will conduct interviews within the students of University of the East. This study is limited only on the responses of students to the questions given through the interview. So, although the studies detail the various experiences in preventing tooth decay, there is no clear conclusion on the prevention of tooth decay. The results cannot be generalized to all students. Definition of Terms 1. Dentistry Student - a person who is studying in college to become a dentist 2. Dentist - one who is responsible in maintaining oral care, specifically the teeth. 3. Tooth Decay - oral disease common among people 4. Oral hygiene – act of cleaning the mouth and teeth 5. Prevention- process of stopping tooth decay from happening 6. Tooth brushing – one method in cleaning the

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