Inspector Gooles Social Responsibility

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An Inspector Calls is a play written by J.B Preistly, and was performed in 1945. It's focused on an upper class family who are wealthy at a period of time when the people around them were living in poverty. Since then, there has been a lot of controversy about the different classes. When it was first introduced the system had already turned into a socialist community but in the play, Preistly was expressing the ways of capitalists in 1912. So the play involved a lot of naivety, most of the characters are self centered and care about nothing else than their social statues. The relation to narcissism and the naivety was the most persistent throughout the whole book and the most evident. We can detect this mostly with Mr. Birling’s language and defence towards Inspector Goole’s claims which he didn’t feel like he should be held accountable for his actions because of his arrogance and egotism that he passed down to his children. This is very obvious when he considered Eva Smith as a “wretched girl”.…show more content…
The Inspector was described as someone who was quick to make "an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness.” upon his introduction to make the audience and the other characters aware of the fact that the Inspector means business if social responsibility is involved. In addition, he shows the importance of his work of interrogating the Birling family when they offered him some ‘whisky’ and he quickly denied because of his role. Inspector Goole was adamant to the fact that the Birling family were immoral and inconsiderate to the reality of the situation because of their tight grip on social control. Again the author exhibits the different point of views according to their social classes when Inspector Goole expressed the fact that “we are members of one body” making the audience know that some of his characteristics include liberty and

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