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Referral Question/Presenting Problem: (5 pts.) Referral question goes here as well as any presenting problems if any Would the examinee make a good Resident Assistant (RA) at Liberty University? Physical Appearance: (20 pts.) All information in addressed as per MSE Ms. Todd is a 21 years old female college student. She is of Asian origin, with a petite appearance, approximately 5’2” and around 110lbs. The student wore a pair of jeans, a sweater and trainers; she dressed appropriately for the weather. She is well groom and dressed neatly, her hair is dyed red and braided. Katelyn didn’t wear any accessories except for a wrist watch, used contact lens, and had light make up on. Her motor coordinator appeared normal, with no rush movement, and…show more content…
Todd appeared to demonstrate clear insight about herself and display and above than average intellectual ability in her manner of speaking and the content of her stories. She experienced little mood swings, and is able to regulate her emotion and behavior well. Katelyn noted that she does not open up to people easily, and would maintain appropriate distance before getting to know others. She tends to hang out with small groups of friend, and prefer spending time alone doing her hobbies. She has never experience homicidal or suicidal ideations, and believe that it is best to deals with conflict in a calm manner. No anxiety or defense mechanism was recorded during the interview. Medical History and Current Status: (5 pts.) Ms. Todd does not have any serious medical issue. She was healthy and relaxed during the interview, and remain calm, composed and cheerful throughout the session. Katelyn noted that she rarely gets sick, and would get better quickly if she does. She is near-sighted and require glasses in daily functions. The only problem the student believed to problematic is that she can easily get food poisoning, which requires her to be extra careful with her food. Past Counseling Experience/Psychiatric History:

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