Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience To A Theme Park

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The newly established theme park advertised exciting offers every day. It was just an hour’s drive and going there was on the top of my checklist. It so happened that on the day I was planning to go, there was an offer which said the first four people to reach there on December 25th would get to go on every ride for free. Hearing my plans, my parents wanted me early as they were throwing a Christmas party and the exciting part was that my parents had invited my favorite DJ to entertain the guests. I called my squad which was lucky enough that there were exactly four of us. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep whole night and I set an alarm for 4 am in the morning hoping that nobody else gets there before we do. I overslept and was worried…show more content…
Though it was a disappointment that all of us couldn’t be together, my happiness was beyond bounds to just enjoy the ride. The Ferris wheel took us to the heights and brought us back down. The moment I reached the top I could have a bird’s eye view of everything within my vicinity. A little anxiety caught my mind but as a teenager I need to hold a brave look on my face at least in front of my friends. The moment the wheel took me down and sense of relaxation set in. “One more round and it is done that is it”, I thought to myself. My mind suddenly became restless yet I calmed it. Half of the round was barely over and there was a loud “Boom” and the Ferris wheel stopped leaving me on top again. My heart skipped a beat and every minute looked like ages for me. This time staying on the top didn’t give me any enjoyment as I was running late for the Christmas party which I really didn’t want to miss. From top, I could see the mechanic hurriedly trying to fix the machine. Half an hour, I killed the time having an aerial view of everything. I was every now and then looking down expecting the machine to bring me down. There were shouts of panics by the other people in the Ferris wheel when the Air conditioner of the cabins conked off. It was a real pain as we couldn’t open the doors. My friends started getting worried about the situation and the only consolation was that we had our phones to just comfort and encourage

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