What Action Did Hitler Lead To War Essay

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Document 1 What did Hitler suggest was needed for Germany? Hitler thought Germany needed to take back the territories that were lost as part of the reparations of WWI. He thought the land was still theirs and they should take it back. How would that lead to war? Hitler wanted to take the lost territories by force, so that would easily lead to war. He said protests weren’t enough and they needed to fight which was implied by “a mighty sword” being necessary. Document 2 According to Haile Selassie, who should stop aggressors? Selassie thinks the League of Nations should stop the aggressors. Collective security should be used to achieve this. What would happen if the aggressors were not stopped? The other countries within the League of Nations…show more content…
Hitler sent his troops into the Rhineland’s demilitarized zone which was in direct violation of the treaty. Now there would be no doubt that the treaty wouldn’t stop Hitler. He would try to carry out his vision no matter the cost. What was the reaction in France? How might this have led to war? France wanted action to enforce the treaty. They thought that if there was a single soldier in the demilitarized zone then they should use pressure to force Germany into submission. Document 4 What happened in this Munich conference, according to Shirer? What did he feel was the reaction in Czechoslovakia and in the rest of Europe? The representatives in the conference decided to give Hitler what he wanted. He felt that most Europeans would be happy they wouldn’t have to fight a war, though Czechoslovakia wouldn’t be happy because they had to give away their land. Document 5 Why did Chamberlain suggest appeasement? Chamberlain suggested appeasement in hopes of keeping peace and avoiding war. He wanted to avoid war for as long as possible and keep the Europe out of war unless a bigger reason arose. Under what conditions would he

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