A Career: My Career In Interior Design

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I might already have chosen my major in Interior Design, but that doesn’t mean I have never thought whether how it is worth it. I always dreaming about going for Interior Design school, since I was still in middle school. Now that I’m here chasing my dream, I wonder what I will be doing after getting my degree in Interior Design? I started to realize that Interior Designer isn’t just a job that is picking up the color schemes and furnitures. What does Interior Designer actually do, beside rearranging the spaces and play matching colors? I often heard people got Interior Designer and Interior Decorator mixed up, but who are them blame to, even me as an Interior Design student, I’m not even sure what I will be doing or who I will be working with…show more content…
I didn’t expect it to be that easy either, so the fact that I have to take that test doesn’t surprise me. I googled “NCIDQ test”, to see what can I do to get myself prepared or at least what to expected for. The word “road map” pop up on my screen and catches my eyes, so I click on it and read the title “ How to Figure out the NCIDQ exam requirements ”, this is exactly what I was looking for. After reading the first part about passing three section of NCIDQ within the limited time frame, I felt like preparing for SAT score to get into college all over again, instead this time is getting into the real world. I was about to click backup button because I’m not really interested in a new version of SAT yet, as soon as I’m about to click the back button I laid my eyes on “within five years that you passed the first section”. My hand was frozen and my eyes are focused on that sentence and I read it over again, just to double check I’m getting the right information. It was right, I have to pass three test section within five years. I freakout from the fact that it would take that long just to pass the qualification

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