Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To Study Business

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Unlike the friends around me with good family background and status, I come from a single-parent grassroots family. When I was small, I did not have many chances to learn instrument or participate in extra-curricular activities. When I grew up, my dream is to study things that I am interested in and find a professional job with stable income to support my family. It may sound an ordinary and unambitious one, but it definitely means a lot to me. For me, studying business is the right choice. Among many different subjects available in the university, I want to study business. I think business is very different from other subjects like language, science or arts. It has many things for me to explore. It does not only study the past incidents but…show more content…
I gained experience in being a tutor. I teach my students in an understandable way so as to help improving their academic results. This has allowed me to develop an ability to present and explain things clearly and concisely. Since managers are seen as bridge between Chief Executive Officer and first-line staff members, communication skills are vital for them to transmit the messages correctly. Moreover, I have participated in a summer internship in 2015 in HKT. I met and worked with different people together for a large-scale project, including workers, administrative officers, engineers, account managers, managers and the clients. In order to get along well with them, I realized interpersonal skills are very important. I worked in various posts during the internship. I have to communicate clearly with workers and follow the work progress. I need to listen to engineers’ daily report carefully for record purpose. I need to inform the managers about the project progress as well. The common crucial skill for all three jobs is effective communication. In these two months, I have strengthened my communication ability in listening carefully with others’ messages and conveying the messages

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