Christianity And Religion In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights was primarily published under the ambiguous pseudonym of "Ellis Bell" so many early reviewers believed it to be written by a man (Contemporary). Wuthering Heights did not appeal to the public after its release; not until Bronte died. The binding force between religion in England in the 1800’s as well as religion in the Wuthering heights is Emily Brontë herself. The exploration of Emily’s life, religion in England, and religion in the Wuthering Heights reveals the truth about the hidden side of Emily Bronte. One of the most common and yet still reigning religions in England today was Protestantism. It became a religion in England a little after Luther’s protest in 1517 but remained a small and almost unknown religion for many…show more content…
Wuthering Heights, however, is not a religious novel in a way that it portrays a specific religion like Christianity, or a particular division of Christianity like Catholicism and a distinct denomination like All Saints. Instead, the connotation of religion in this book brings to light the idea of a being much higher and the afterlife. In this book, we see through Emily’s eyes that the Gospel is still crucial to modern man. We see that any faults that occurred within the Protestant Church in the late 1800s are because of Christians themselves and not Christianity. Some instances in the book, however may speak otherwise. For example; Heathcliff’s mystic religious beliefs to remain in touch with Catherine after her death and the reunification in life after death. To draw out the misconception, the characters in the book are in sync with the Judeo-Christian customs, her intent on showing us what Christ’s teachings may have been thought to be in the 1900s as well as the significance they had on people back then. It is ironic that Joseph and Nelly Dean are the two characters that represent religion as their arguments and their discrepancies represent the schisms that occurred within the church during that time. Joseph is a servant, one of the lesser characters at Wuthering Heights in Emily’s book, Wuthering Heights. His character is a twofaced extremist who tries to act religious. He had a great mark in the Earnshaw residence. He talked about the perils of the devil, worried for the souls of his superiors, and often times called upon God for wisdom to differentiate the elect form the non-elect. Nelly Dean, on the contrary

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