Kashechewan People And Climate Change

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Aim The aim of this research is to examine how Kashechewan people are affected by and respond to climate change impacts, and to explore what contribution traditional knowledge can make for present and future adaptation. Objectives i. Examine how people perceive climate change and its existing and future impacts. ii. Study their short- and long-term climate change and flooding experiences. iii. Analyze their past adaptation practices to adapt to the effects of present and future changes. iv. Explore what contribution traditional knowledge can make for climate change adaptation. Background Climate change is a global phenomenon, which impacts different people unevenly (Vinyeta and Lynn, 2013). Research suggests that public beliefs on climate change…show more content…
As a result of climate change, experts project that populations will experience increasingly extreme weather events, including sea-levels rise and flooding in the future (IPCC, 2001a). The intensity of such events is expected to increase over time—and some populations are at greater risk than others. For example Indigenous peoples are expected to be among the communities most heavily affected by climate change (Green and Raygorodetsky, 2010). In part, this reflects the dependence and close proximity of many Indigenous peoples to their natural environments and resources (Green and Raygorodetsky, 2010; Vinyeta and Lynn, 2013). In northern Canada, Indigenous communities are already experiencing the effects of significant climate changes (Furgal and Seguin, 2006). For example, the Kashechewan community in northern Ontario has been or warned to be evacuated four times in the last four years, mainly due to climate change-related flooding events (The Star, 2015; The Globe and Mail,…show more content…
In addition, this research will look at the community’s past adaptation practices and adapting to the effects of present and future changes. This research will also look at how people perceive climate change. In this respect, I would like to examine peoples’ present and future adaptation to climate change. So, I will focus on their adaptive capacity. Furthermore, my research will explore what climate change and flooding experiences people have. I will also study what contribution local knowledge can make to adapt to climate change. This research will come up with practical and policy recommendation to reduce the impacts of climates change on the Kashechewan

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