Nurse Shortage: A Career As A Certified Nursing Assistant Student

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Jasmin Salazar CNA Tuesday/Wednesday March 17, 2015 Nurse Shortage As a Certified nursing assistant student now my goals for the future are to someday become a registered nurse, and my question everyday is when I graduate will I find a job. While reading several articles I discovered that there has been a nursing shortage not just locally or nationally, but also globally. Registered nurses are specially trained by the state to develop care plans and coordinate all aspects of the patient or residents care, which in a health care facility is extremely important. Having a shortage of nurses could significantly impact me when looking for a job and it can also impact me when I get an actual job. Three of the major factors of nursing shortage…show more content…
It affects patients across the country 126,000 nursing positions remain unfilled and 90 percent of long- term care facilities don’t have the right amount of nurses to provide the right basic care for their residents, some home health agencies are even forced to refuse patients because they don’t have enough staff to take care of them. By 2020 there will be a shortage of at least 400,000 nurses, but there are also cases in hospitals across the nation have been able to overcome or avoid the nursing shortage. When I saw how short in nurse’s facilities nationwide it shocked me, 400,000 is a lot and by 2020 I will only be 26 years old and will just be starting to enter the nursing workforce. It frightens me that I will possibly be facing many complications at my job because there isn’t enough working nurses working at the facility I work for. Reading articles like this makes me wonder if I really want to put myself through all the challenges that a nursing job may bring, I ask myself everyday if I am truly ready I don’t want to second guess myself…show more content…
There are ways of making nursing shortage end or be less stressful and some of the ways are by creating a healthy working environment, nurses face different things everyday creating a heavy emotional and physical toll on them, keeping them healthy and both mentally and physically help keep the nurses strong and capable to their duties. Another way of overcoming nursing shortage would be having nurses further their education so that they are able to fulfill any possible nursing position not just the basic nursing. There are also financing alternatives such as offering scholarships or grants to nursing students so that they continue to go to school and even consider working at the facility where they received a scholarship or grant from. Nursing shortages will be scary, and I know that everyone becoming a registered nurse will someday have to face the complications that this circumstance brings, but it doesn’t mean that it will be impossible to overcome. As they articles I read said there are ways to overcome the nursing shortage, but each facility needs to take the time to realize that there is a problem and that I could affect the facility in many ways,

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