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Democrates and Republicans are the two most out spoken parties in the United States government. The Democrates have more of a Liberal kind of style and Republicans have more of a Conservative style. The different meanings of Liberal and Conservative pretty much are that; being a Liberal is to be open with new ideas and willing to change old values because of it, being a Conservative is be open with new ideas but holding on and not changing traditional values or standards. Democrates have a view point on community and social resposibility. Where as Republicans are more torwards individual rights and the justice of each individual. Both Democratic and Republican parties have played a role in founding the federal reserve, both are willing to…show more content…
They are pro-life, meaning they are against abortions, Also they support the second amendment. They beileve marrige is defined as a man and women, which they are not in favor of gay marrige. A few key points the Democrates have are budget cuts to the military, pro-choice, and opposing the second amendment. Democrates also are against the death penalty. They Support raisinig taxes and government controlled healthcare. The Republican party agrees in a strong military, which needs funding.They also believe that keeping the borders of the country secure will help aid national defense. A growing economy is benificial with todays requirements. The Democratic party is for the decrease in government spending on the miltary.The reason announced was to promote a more peaceful solution. They are for the disarment of the unstates civilians(gun-ban). Republicans view on healthcare is in favor of pronouncing doctors and patients to be incharge of healthcare. They are not in favor of government controlled heath insurance. They think polititions in Washington shouldn't have a right to force healthcare on…show more content…
The right of parents sending their children off to a certain school is also given. The freedom and opportunity for an education is given equally to all. The Democrates view on education is similar to the Republicans view but have few differences. The teaches are held accountable more. Obama's administation passed a bill in 2010 lowering college fees for millions of americans. Republicans are for the support and help of the working man. They support better wages and equal opportunity.They believe America should be in control not Washington. The working class is the backbone of this nation. Democrates are for government control. They claim to have fixed most of the governments problems in the economy. The statements made are that America is gaining jobs. They are providing tax cuts for small buisnesses and investing in clean energy. Throughout this project i have been on the edge of the fence not knowing which party to choose. After gathering the viewpoints and studying each party i feel i am more torwards the Republican party because i have more similarities in my opinions than differences. Although i do agree with few viewpoints of the democratic party also. I believe in the second amendment but i am pro-choice. I believe in more government spending on the military but i am for gay marrige.I feel i am best classified as a

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