How Did The Roman Calendar Affect The Invention Of The Modern Day Calendar

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Since the beginning of the world, there has always been some way to tell time, whether it be by the moon or the seasons. As the times progressed, many different forms of the calendar evolved. The Romans are chiefly held responsible for the invention of this now modern-day tool. The original calendar used most prominently is believed to be a lunar calendar, based on the phases of the moon. It takes approximately 29.5 days between each new moon. This period between each of the moons was called a month. The Romans did not count the days sequentially, they instead counted backwards from the Nones, Ides, and Kalends of the following month. They used the lunar phases and the shapes of the moon to determine the number of days remaining until the…show more content…
To align with necessary 365 days, Julius added 10 days to the previous calendar. The way of counting the days of the month did not change, and they were still found using the Nones, Ides, and Kalends. The intercalary months were abolished, keeping every day the same in the following years. As Rome adopted the new Julian calendar, Roman provinces and surrounding cities and countries began to adopt the new calendar. The calendar spread outside of the Roman Empire when it was adopted as the Christian liturgical calendar. When a person or country converted, they adopted the liturgical calendar. The last change made to the calendar from Julius to present day is minor. The Gregorian calendar, created by Pope Gregory XIII, makes up for the eleven minute difference in what the Julian calendar thinks is a full year and what is actually a full year. The Gregorian calendar simply changes this minor difference by not allowing years divisible by one hundred to be a leap year. Although the change might seem miniscule, historians, scribes, weather experts, and statisticians can account for the change that this has made. Most countries today have adopted the Gregorian

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