Kristallnacht's The Night Of Broken Glass

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The Night of Broken Glass World War II was a tragic time in history for Europe and the surrounding areas. The Second Word War was starting and the Holocaust had tragically begun. Before the war occurred, Kristallnacht took place and started a public ridicule of Jews. On the night of November 9, 1938 Kristallnacht took place in Germany. Kristallnacht translates into “The Night of Broken Glass” because of the business and synagogue windows being broken. During this night at least ninety Jewish people died and many more were injured. More than one-thousand synagogues, churches, and buildings were burned, and approximately 7,500 Jewish owned businesses were destroyed and looted in full view of law enforcement. That night 30,000 Jewish people were…show more content…
Some suffered a different fait and died. This night served as a warning to everyone what was about to happen. Jewish business owners were impacted the most during the week of Kristallnacht. The Nazi government had circulated a letter stating that Jewish owned businesses were not permitted to reopen unless managed by non-Jewish people. Along with businesses being wrecked and vandalized, so were Jewish schools and cemeteries. Many German Jews realized that things for them were only going to get worse. Some Jews fled conflicted areas before times got worse and the Holocaust started. The violent night of Kristallnacht served as a notice to many European Jews that Nazi anti-semitism was not going to go away and would only get worse (Kristallnacht: Background and overveiw). Men, Women, and Children of Jewish ethnicity would soon realize that things would only get worse. After Kristallnacht things only got bad for Jews, the holocaust was in full effect and WWII, which happened in 1939, was starting in Germany. The

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