Civil War Challenges

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Abstract This research paper takes an in-depth look at the problems and challenges facing the nation during the civil war era. Contributing factors towards the development of the war as well as the factors that inhibited the end of civil war will be examined. In addition to this, this paper further looks at the post-civil war challenges that faced the reconstruction the country. How these challenges were eliminated or reduced will also be analyzed. Major Problems in the Civil War and Reconstruction After a very long period of peaceful coexistence as a sovereign state, the US broke into a devastating civil war that ripped the country apart. The US faced major problems and challenges after the cease of the civil war. The end of the civil war signified a major defining moment in the country’s history. Some of the major milestones in the country’s history were achieved during and after the civil war. The American civil war orchestrated and led to the end of slavery. Being a major problem in the country politically, the end of slavery after the civil war marked a start towards a freed democratic country. Re-uniting the states was a major challenge due to the disorientation of the social structures in the societies. Reconstruction was thus very challenging to…show more content…
Slavery was among the major issues that contributed to the development of the civil war. Various factions were campaigning for free labor whereas others were for the idea of slavery. The black community was obviously against it. The southern states, which were mainly inhabited by the African Americans was a largely against the Northern pro-slavery states. Slavery, as seen by many came with other major restrictions besides personal freedom. Salves were not allowed to participate in elections and could thus not be able to elect their leader of
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