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Marina Salinas Professor Birdsall Intro to College Writing 3 December 2014 Aerial Wolf Hunting In Alaska Alaska is known for its abundance of wildlife. It is one of the last places that anyone gets to see beautiful ecosystems that are kept intact and prosperous. Most animals Alaska has are not seen as often in the rest of the United States. One of the main animal is wolves who have been in Alaskan history for ages. This being said, the debate over hunting strategies has become immensely controversial, specifically on the subject of aerial hunting. In 1971, Alaska Congress passed an Airborne Hunting Act that strictly stops Alaskans from participating in aerial wolf hunting. Throughout the years, many Alaskans, such as livestock owners whose…show more content…
They are opportunists and take what they can get to survive. In defense, wolves naturally hunt animals that can not protect themselves and will generally take an easy meal when given the chance. It is just their way of life and does not justify the reasoning for aerial hunting whatsoever. If a wolf or a pack of wolves are killing livestock, it is a valid reason to hunt them. To hunt a wolf there is no need to take such a drastic measure to hunt them from a plane when they were only going by their instinctive nature. There is absolutely no need to kill them so unfairly but it is understandable to hunt them if they are threatening your food or…show more content…
Caribou, bears, moose and wolves are some of Alaska's most treasured animals. The only one who seems to be in danger is the wolf. It is not right to aerial hunt wolves, when they get absolutely no fighting chance. It seems pretty ridiculous that moose or bears are killed fairly, but the wolf, a creature who is an opportunist, can be hunted to exhaustion to meet a doom no animal deserves for pitiful reasoning. It is absurd to even think about wolves being the only predator to kill when obviously there are bears and other animals that are predators. Many hunters think of this type of hunting as unsportsmanlike and say it is not considered a fair chase. Aerial hunting should never be permitted. There is just too many flaws in the system. The only way an animal should be hunted is

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