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Part 3: Critical Reflection on Professional Growth Reflective Paper Throughout the first five Modules, I have completed many learning styles analyses. I have now realized that one of the major steps to become a peak performer is self-assessment. The Social Change Self-Assessment and The Professional Practitioner Self-Assessment have helped me to evaluate myself critically (See Appendix F & G). According to professional practitioner self-assessment and social change self-assessment (Appendix F & G), it has been apparant that I have adequate skills to be a competent professional practitioner as I am excellent in many areas. While completing these assessments, I thought of my characteristics and skills and used some evidence from my everyday…show more content…
I am also committed to positive social change, but I have never described my work to make improvements in my classroom or the wider school community in this way before. I find it harder to be resilient and persevere if I meet resistance to my ideas, and I need to not be deterred by obstacles. I think that one of the main strengths of a good professional practitioner is the skill of communication, and the need to find common ground with other professionals. As shown by Bolam et al (2005) good relationships are central to developing effective learning…show more content…
I am only prepared to take an unpopular position in a very tiny sphere like my classroom. Knowing my vigorous and weak skills will allow me to comprehend my current level of effectiveness. As I am committed, patient, passionate, enjoy working with young children and have a positive attitude, I motivate and inspire others to make changes even if those changes are slight. Making differences in others’ lives keeps me motivated and interested in continuing what I am

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