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Kenneth Tighe ENC1101 Professor Odoi 23 April 2015 Reflective Analysis Back when I was in high school, several years ago, I was never too into anything that had to do with school. I always felt this way, especially when it came to English. It always seemed too complicated and boring to me. I wish I had thought different back then because it would have helped me an immense amount now. I have always struggled with English and now starting school again, around 8 years after I graduated high school, doesn’t make it too easy. The good thing is that it’s never too late to learn and improve anything. I have improved in writing by learning how to do an MLA research paper and having good ideas to write about, on the other side I need to improve my…show more content…
The areas that I mainly need to improve is in grammar, spelling and in organizing my thesis statements better. I seem to have many errors when it comes to grammar. I seem to place commas and have run on sentences very often. I have a long ways to go in order to improve on that. The only thing I can really do is keep practicing and practicing. I remember when I was a little kid; I had the toughest time when it came to spelling words. No matter how hard I studied with my mom, I could never get those words down. To this day, I still struggle in spelling words correctly. If it wasn’t for spell check, I would have an immense amount of spelling errors in my papers. I don’t want to always have to rely on spell check because if I have to write a paper manually, pen or pencils don’t come with spell check. The most important part of an essay is the thesis statement. I have had problems with the previous paper assignments because my thesis statement wasn’t clear enough. When I write a thesis, I tend to make the mistake of putting too much detail into it and making it too long. I need to just make my thesis statement about one or two sentences and state my topics

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