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Carrefour Introduction Carrefour one of the biggest retailers in Europe, which is working with the shopping area and discounters in the world. The company is headquartered in Paris, France.) The company started in France in 1959 and opened its first supermarket in 1960. The first major changes and expansions, which that it went through, were between the 70s and the 80s, a period that saw the stocks of the company being floated in 1970 in the Paris bourse. In 1970 the company presented in stock video of Paris Stock Exchange company in the period that began in France in 1959, and 70 and 80 of the first major changes and improvements in 1960 and opened its first supermarket .... The company also launched its own magazine, The Carrefour Journal…show more content…
I know this year the number of successful product and service, the company sold a great nation.The company has grown over the last years with great efforts and partnerships with companies that have the ability to grow and gain a finals victory. 2001 the famous Notre in Argentina, the country's largest retail chain, Carrefour market in South America, has an advantage in the marketplace. In 2003, the Italian hypermarket up to 100% due to the ownership of the company's equity, for each case, three in the Carrefour food product design, these hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount…show more content…
• Employees and the poor trade. • Key money spent on expansion efforts. • Brands segment of its weakness. • E-commerce strategy is their poor. Marketing Mix This section will look at the best marketing mix for Carrefour that will make use of the 4P’s of marketing for products. This section will make use of concepts that have been proposed by several literatures and will be applied to the case of Carrefour. These include Korey (1986), Mohammed (2006), Zahra, Ireland, and Hitt (2000), Ferrell and Hartline (2010), Cunningham (1986). Promotion As promotion is concerned; the best approach will be to get into the joint venture with Majid Al Futtaim, which will provide it with the knowledge necessary to market in UAE. Majid Al Futtaim, through its experience, can handle some of their promotions, and coordinate some of the stores and local operations. Promotions can take advantage of the media like print, television, radio, billboards and the internet, the print and billboards are to be set up in strategic places to attract pedestrians and traffic. The television and radio advertisement should be done at primetime or at family meal times in order to gain the attention of the domestic

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