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Leadership Reflective Practice Paper 1 Question 1 The key opportunities for development that I have identified for myself are • Leadership • Marketing • Financial • Strategic thinking Leadership I am currently in a leadership position but have often wondered want makes a good leader. From the course I have identified that EQ, IQ, and SQ are the fundamental qualities that make a good leader. I will try and be aware of the needs and emotions of my team and use this to build my team. I remember clearly an example Boniface give us about a company that merged, with two departments that do the same work. The first team leader said to his team all our jobs are on the chopping block because he was worried about his own job while the second…show more content…
Our sessions with the design institution has though me so much that in a meeting I showed the marketing team a new way of doing PowerPoint presentations where a picture is worth a thousand words and not to use death by powerpoint. This I learn from this our session at the SABS. This has now created opportunities for me as now I am actively been ask to get involved in marketing meeting and processes, this has made me grow as a leader as well. I was strategically involved in designing and launching an online survey with our customers to understand the views about our company again something learn during the course, the more people you ask the greater you view becomes of the world around you. Once this survey is done we are going to have a strategy meeting to discuss the way forward. Marketing is one department that is at the heart of any good company as it is what will attract a customer to…show more content…
Also he does not believe involving the staff to build a strategy that everyone know and works together to achieve. Strategy is in his head and no one know it. He also changes he opinion every often and this make it hard to be consistent in any approach to key stakeholders and himself. The root cause I believe is that he has never been exposed to the ideas, concept and corporate structure for him to full understand how much value this can bring to the company The owner of Queensburgh Vet is a very difficult customer to deal with. She is always complaining about something and conversation also end up in an argument. One example is the discount that we give her monthly on her purchases. She supposed to get 12% on her purchases but it only supposed to be applied to non-pharmaceuticals items. She also needed to maintain a purchase value of R20000 on non-pharmaceuticals items. Our internal staff was giving her 12% on all products which made this account non variable. When this was pickup by me, I instructed our account person who deals with her to inform her that the discount structure was incorrect and we will apply the same discount structure like everyone else. I had asked the account person to deal with her because I myself did not want to deal with her. She took her business elsewhere which is about R50000 per month. She has also spoke to other vet and we are having

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