Reflective Reflections On Teaching

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4a.) Reflecting on Teaching: I am proficient in the area of reflecting. After every lesson I focus on my strengths and weaknesses in the area of planning, classroom environment, meeting the needs of my diverse learners, and classroom management. When looking at my strengths and weaknesses I write down what went well and what I may change in the future to make the lesson more successful. I have also asked both Dr. Bausman and Mrs. Loring ways to improve with some of my teaching techniques. For example, Dr. Bausman suggested the students to point to their pages to show that they are following along before continuing a lesson. Mrs. Loring helped me to become better in the area of classroom management. As I was reflecting I noticed this to be one of the areas I…show more content…
There have been several occasions this semester that I have sought out professional development ideas for the areas of assessment, unit development, and sight word practice. I have watched webinars, read books, and blogs of other professionals to gain ideas for the listed areas. I have also welcomed feedback from both Mrs. Loring and Dr. Bausman and encouraged them both to tell me exactly what to do differently when teaching with areas that I struggled with, because I wanted to improve my teaching. Mrs. Loring said she admired my quality of taking and seeking criticism and then apply the information to make changes to my teaching. Dr. Bausman has also noted my growth from changes that she had suggested in past meetings. To become better in this area in the future I plan to have more than one teacher observe a lesson to offer suggestions in an area I may be struggling with. I may also turn to other professionals for tips with classroom management if that becomes a struggle area. I will never be afraid to ask for help or stop wanting feedback. I want to be the best teacher I can be, because the students deserve it! 4f.) Showing

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