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Reflective Practice Narrative #1 This semester I am working with my partner, Laura, to design and implement an intergenerational day program at Columbia View Lodge (CVL), allowing children and seniors to come together in mutually beneficial and meaningful ways. Working closely with our field guide Margot, we have established both a short-term goal and a long-term goal. Ideally, Laura, Margot and myself would like to see a permanent onsite day care facility within CVL, however, due to time constraints we are focusing our attention on laying the groundwork for a day program that runs two to three times per week by the end of the semester. Through this program we hope to strengthen community and improve the quality and delivery of patient care, while at the same time challenge hegemony and initiate a shift in our health care delivery system. The project we have been granted is brand new; therefore we do not have anything to work off of and have had to put extra time into the preparatory work that we have accomplished thus far.…show more content…
As outlined by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), interprofessional collaboration is “…critical for improving access to client-centered health care in Canada” (CNA, 2011, p. 1). The CNA also believes as part of their five principles of Primary Health Care (PHC), that interprofessional collaboration is necessary in establishing health goals, healthy public policy and the planning and evaluation of health services (CNA, 2000). Throughout this placement I have been granted the opportunity to work alongside my partner, Laura. Through collaborating, we have ensured the use of clear communication, goal and priority setting and also set aside time to reflect upon our strengths and weaknesses. Through exploring these concepts we have been able to build on a professional relationship, making our accomplishments nearly

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