Why Did Italy Enter WWII

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Why Italy entered WWII? After WWI, Italy was awarded small lands of Austrian territories from the Treaty of Versailles, but not Dalmatia which it had coveted. Italy was very unsatisfied about it because they didn’t get the territories which they were promised. Some people think it was right for Italy to enter the WWII while some people didn’t think so. Italy entered WWII for 3 reasons. The first reason is Benito Mussolini, who just came to power and became the leader of Italy, decided to turn Italy into a new Roman. The second reason is Italy had ambitions to conquer other countries like Ethiopia and Albania and also seize territories from France in retaliation for WWI. The third reason is since the economic condition of Italy was bad, it needed a large market to develop its industries, while the war was a good tool to use, and the world…show more content…
Although the fall in aggregate production was smaller, the contraction in industrial production was as severe as in more industrialized countries..” (Fabrizio Perri) The quotation shows the Great Depression had an enormous and terrible impact on many industrialized countries like Italy. That’s why they had to enter the WWII to develop their economic conditions. According to the speech declaring war on the Allies in 10th June, 1940 from Benito Mussolini, “The gigantic struggle is only a phase of the logical development of our revolution. It is the struggle of peoples poor, but rich in workers against the exploiters who fiercely hold on to all the wealth and all the gold of the earth. It is the struggle of the fruitful and young peoples against the sterile peoples on the threshold of their decline. It is the struggle between two centuries and two ideas.” (Benito Mussolini) The quotation showed that the war struggle the poor people, which meat, Italy didn’t have a good balance on poor and rich. In order to develop their economy, Italians had to fight for

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