Argumentative Essay On Mental Illness

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“Mental illness is a joke, just be happy instead of being all depressed all the time, think of happy things, you just do it for attention,” WRONG! Mental illness is a VERY serious thing that people struggle with. It is NOT something people can just get over by being happy. If it was that easy, people wouldn’t be dealing with it in the first place. There are quite a few people who actually do this for attention which is a NOT okay thing to do. Mental illness is mistaken for sadness. Sadness is where someone just grieves over the loss of someone, or something that has you upset. Mental illness is when someone is struggling with suicidal thoughts, self-hate, self-doubt and it often comes with anxiety problems, sleepless nights, overthinking everything, possible eating disorders, and even sometimes there are people of both genders who will self harm because they want to feel something other than being numb all the time. Some people take this illness as a joke because they either do not understand it, or do not care to take it seriously. Mental illness is a silent killer, there are so many people who suffer from this, but never reach out for help or try to but never can. Most of the time it is because they feel like they do not matter enough…show more content…
It is one of the WORST things you can do to them, they are already feeling lost, or may need comfort, look up to you as a best friend, or trust you and it might even bring them over the edge if you abandon them in their time of need. For some people, it is hard and can’t handle it but if you really do care about them, recommend them a counselor or professional help if you are at a loss on what to

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