Diversity In The Military Essay

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Diversity is the Military is a broad topic which has its advantages and disadvantages in military organizational setting. Serving 5 years in the military I have known how diversified is our nation’s military based on race, religion and ethnicity. Diversity makes any organization strong because of the diversified resources and ideas the organization achieves from its members. We can be proud that we inherit such a diversified culture we have acquired in our armed forces but in reality the military struggles within because of the diversity it has inherited. We can relate Diversity in the Military topic with Kolb’s experiential learning model since the service members in the military experience diversity context in their daily jobs whether in home base or deployed to countries in Middle East, South West Asia or Africa. According to Kolb experiential theory the learning in adult take place with experience through the four stages of learning where the learner moves through the various stages through practical experience rather than a formal setting.David knolb’s experiential theory learning comes from a real life scenario of real world…show more content…
My concrete experience of the issue due to Diversity in the Military is from my own personal experience in the military being the practice in the military organizational behavior by the supervisors where employees are not treated the same.Also just like in any other organization our brigade had cases of one or more sexual harassment incident more than twice quarterly where the victim were of female diversified group. We had a diversified group of people in our platoon but when it came to promotion and getting recommended for awards it would be always be prioritized to only the employees who come from the same ethnic group. Talking to other minority ethnic group thorough out the 4th brigade in Calvary division everyone express to have similar problems with the leadership by being from a different ethnic
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