Lounge Attendant Case Study

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Interviewee’s information Name: Miss Pichsinee Archawong (Preew) Education: Bachelor of Arts in English, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Prince of Songkla University Age: 23 Career: Lounge Attendant Miss Pichsinee searched on the Thai Cabin Crew online community and found that the position of lounge attendant was opened. Therefore, she went to the company to pre-screen and to interview with Thai airways’ manager. After finishing the interview, she knew the result and also signed the contract on that day. Her responsibilities were to greet and took care of the arrival passengers including providing them the seats. If there were the wheelchair passengers, she needed to provide the special care for them and asked whether those passengers needed anything…show more content…
This position had to take care of VIP customers from Thai Airways’ business class. VIP customers that she usually took care of were monarchs, politicians, celebrities and permanent secretaries. This made her speak English more formal and also be more deferential person. For the disadvantage of being a lounge attendant, she mentioned that it could be working in shifts. It was because she had a different daily life from other people in term of working and sleeping times. But it would not be a big problem for her, because she knew how to handle…show more content…
Because if they don’t have a service mind, they probably can’t get along with an organizational culture of the lounge. However, it is possible to be practiced if they decide to open their mind. In the lounge, lounge attendant had to face with situations and people who might have less maturity who could easily lose their temper. Since their ways of thinking and using languages are different. They might use impolite language with the lounge attendant. So, they have to be patient. People who work in this career path should think positive and be happy in every day. If there is something that makes them down, they will find something else to do to make them happy

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