Importance Of Literature In Literature

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2. The active involvement principle: Here, the students are taught to use English appropriately in accordance with the objective of learning. 3. The immersion principle: The students will learn better in an environment exposed to various language. It involves teacher talk, other classroom talk. It needs audio and videotapes completed with written information. 4. The focusing principle: to produce the ability of effective communication in limited time span, the students need to focus on the right times as well as the right strategies that can help them to deal with the language being learned. 5. The socio-cultural principle: Language is not in vacuum condition. They are related to culture where the language is reflected. So it is important…show more content…
In general, literature can motivate and inspire the students to interpret their emotions, thoughts and introspect within themselves. According to Brumfit and Carter (1986), literature is “an ally of language”. The method is certainly new because literature has been widely used as a means to teach language. In Grammar Translation Method, literature plays a significant role in foreign language classroom. Duff & Maley (1990) said that literature in teaching a language has to be understood, interpreted and practiced as a good writing and illustration sample of the grammatical rules in practice. Furthermore, literature is able to develop the students’ minds and make them how to think critically. In line with this, another expert Hadaway, et al (2002) propose that there are also other advantages of literature used in language teaching class. The first is language contextualization. For this case the students will be more familiar with the practice of language at different situation and conditions when reading literary texts. Secondly, studying through literature will help students consider the social factors embedded in
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