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In this paper, I will provide a reflective response to my current and future academic goals and outcomes, along with providing an understanding of the leadership concepts learned thus far. This response will begin with the reflection of where I currently am as a student and where I want to be. This will be followed by my review of the literature and concepts learned so far and conclude with the actions I will take in achieving my goals as a student. When looking ahead to the end of this academic year, the outcomes I expect is to have developed greater skill sets in the areas of research, studying and leadership. This leadership course is only my second course this academic year. The first course was the Intro to University which focused on…show more content…
My grades have been better than I expected with feedback being very positive. At the same time, I find that the information I am learning is coming alive and is present in my day to day life. Taking time during the week to discuss what I am learning, with my family, has also helped to keep the information active. My performance as a student can always improve as I feel I don’t always give my best efforts in the course work. So far, the courses have been online learning, which requires a significant level of discipline in ensuring adequate time is set aside to study, research and finish course assignments. Being employed full time in a demanding job can certainly compete with the energy level required to put the effort in that is…show more content…
First, the behavioral approach is one that I will utilize to improve my student experience. This concept will assist me in being the best student I can be, by allowing me the opportunity to look at the tasks and course work I am working on by initiating structure. As Northouse (2016) states “Initiating structure behaviors are essentially task behaviors, including such acts as organizing work, giving structure to the work context, defining role responsibilities and scheduling work activities” (p. 72). By utilizing this behavior effectively, it allows me to focus on creating and implementing the structure I need to ensure I am organized in my work, that I know what my responsibilities are as a student and that my course work is scheduled. Secondly, the path-goal theory is one that I will utilize to improve my student experience. This concept will assist me in being the best student I can be, by allowing me the ability to identify and set my goals as a student, and the path I need to take to get there. It will create an opportunity to for me identify what motivates me as a student broadly and specifically within each course I take. Since a lot of post-secondary class work is student driven and not teacher driven, there is a reliance with path-goal to identify and set my own goals and not rely on a teacher to do that for me.

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