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During the 12 weeks of English lessons, I have been improving my overall English performance. Before starting the lessons, I was so nervous because I knew it course mainly focused on writing skills. Writing is the weakest part of me among the four domains, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. When I studied in the secondary school, I usually scored low marks or even failed in my essays. Therefore, I was so scared that I would face the same situation that in the secondary school. However, I would still hope that I could get improvement from this course. As this course focused on writing part, unlike the English lessons in secondary school that covered all the domains. In the first few lessons, I was learning about the first assignment,…show more content…
During the lessons, my teacher taught us the template of an argumentative essay. It was good for me to have a template so that I could follow it while I was working on my essay. And he also taught us about the citation and ways to quote references. All these things sounded new to me since I did not need to do that when I wrote argumentative essay before. To avoid mistakes, I tried to use the way that I am more familiar with to quote the references. Then I applied the writing studio in English Language Centre to check my essay before handing to my teacher. I was shocked because what I learned before was not applicable in the university, so I had to follow back what I learnt in the lessons. It was good that the tutor showed some example for me to follow so that I could make corrections more easily. In addition, she also pointed out some parts that I could do better and suggested me how can I enhance them. She did not tell me the answer precisely but left me a room for improving myself. And I was so surprised that the marks for my first draft was unexpectedly high. Actually, the skills that I learnt to write an essay are not only useful in this course but anywhere. I needed to hand in numerous assignments in other subjects, I can apply those new knowledges on all these subjects. Even in the future, I still need to write formal letters or documents when I

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