Essay On Utilitarianism

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First element is happiness and second is consequentialism. Usually defined as maximizing total advantages and reducing suffering or the negatives. Most of the governments in the world follow this theory. Generally in democracy like India government consider this theory because they are elected by majority of the people and hence they strip to see after the benefits of the majority of the population. In utilitarianism everything useful to happiness is fine. It is based on principle of utility. The purpose of morality is to develop the society. In the consequentialism an action is morally rights or wrong depends perfectly on its consequence. Utilitarianism considers that everyone is pleasure, not single person. People who are displaced from their land get compensation but does that compensate the value of job, life health etc. Even they get land at same other place, will they get same kind of living environment, employment opportunity as before? Majority of the people get the benefits of electricity from large dams or nuclear power plants but at the cost of displacing inhabitants from their land. Fundamental problem theory with this theory is that it assumes everyone is tradable. The right of freedom of choice of some people is being violated for the benefits of the larger population. People who do not wanted to leave their land were forced to sacrifice their freedom of choice. The aim of the morality is to make the world a better region. Morality is about creating good consequence, not having good target. We should do whatever will bring the most advantage all of humanity. The aim of morality is to tell other people’s works in such a way as to create a better world. Utilitarianism is on consequences, not target. Utilitarianism is a morally demanding position for two reasons, First reason is it theory asks us to do the most to maximize utility not to do the minimum and second reason is to set aside
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