English 101 Reflective Essay

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Unfortunately this is my second time taking English 101. I was not happy at all about failing because I really did try, but I believe it was for the best. I have learned way more and actually enjoyed writing while in this class. My first year taking the course was very difficult. Partly because I came from a high school that did not do the things college requires. In high school I was asked to write summaries. I was never asked to read an article or book and analyze it the way college professors expect their students to do. Not having the experience made my first course very challenging. Another reason I had to take this course over is because of my professor. My professor did not help me the way I needed to be helped. Luckily I took this course and finally realize that I can do what is required, eventhough I was not prepared. In this course I was given the chance to do my paper the way I thought was right and I was able to revise multiple times. Having this option I was able to see what I was doing wrong and was able to fix it. My first attempt in English 101 was not the same. We were not allowed to revise our work which made it very difficult. Looking over my assignments, I made a lot of careless…show more content…
I had to pick an article and point out the authors’ use of logos, pathos, and ethos. Having to find the logos, pathos, and ethos was very hard for me at first because I never had to do this when writing. I have heard of the terms but I was never asked to use them. On my first attempt I wrote more of a summary than an analysis. I was so use to summarizing in high school; I did not know how to write an analysis paper. As I moved on to my revision, I did must better. I still had problems with my citations and my work cited page, but my overall paper was much better. As I moved along I learned exactly what to focus on when writing an analysis. Some of my word choices were bad, but as I kept revising I made fewer

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