Importance Of Information Management

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Introduction We live in an era that is subjected to ever increasing changes in terms of Information, Services and Technology, where information forms an integral part of all operations, daily tasks and business practices. Information is plentiful and can be easily accessed, but “having the ‘right’ information when it is required is essential if your organisation is to carry out its duties in an efficient and effective manner” (In-Form Consult Ltd., 2005). The only way on which one can ensure that the aforementioned is satisfied, is by discovering and implementing methods and mechanisms, to ensure that information is correctly managed. This strategy will be utilised to support the university’s operations and improve the way information is shared…show more content…
Principals Defined and Agreed Principals • The capturing and storage of redundant information will be prevented and information will also be derived as closely to the source as possible. The same information will also be shared as many times as required, to the applicable parties, so as to avoid information winding up in the wrong hands. This will reduce the amount of input and cost overheads. • The information that is shared will be logged and managed, as well as monitored. • Information will be managed as securely as possible: Anything that may risk or hinder a service from being provided will be minimized and/or eradicated. The items referred to here are any “Security threats or incidents (internally or externally, deliberate or incidental)” (In-Form Consult Ltd., 2005) • Information will be updated constantly to ensure relevance. The information, whether updated or archived will need to be accessible at all times so that staff can perform their duties without any issues. Personal Personal information will be stored for as long as it complies with the data protection…show more content…
Customer services will also require training so that information can be provided using new and existing management ethics. Ownership of Information Any information provided to or by the university (whole or in part), becomes the possession of the university. The same is true once information is stored or exchanged via the university’s resources. Information is only provided to individuals to whom access has been authorized. First Point of Access to Data An intranet is not only a medium through which information can be made accessible, but also a medium that can be used to ensure that information is managed. It is important to use the intranet as the initial point of access to the university’s data. Responsibility and Accountability It will become imperative to establish or employ an information management group to Develop information management strategies, policies and provide best practice and coordinate the implementation of new strategies as well as Manage corporate information.

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